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TPWD is the state agency that manages all of the state parks, wildlife management areas, and state fish hatcheries in Texas. TPWD also oversees resource protection of native species and other natural resources. TPWD's mission is "to manage and conserve the natural and cultural resources of Texas and to provide hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations."

You can order the license plate at any time! You do not have to wait until you receive your renewal notice.

It will take two to three weeks to get your license plate after you order. If you order online, the plate will be mailed to your local county tax office, where you can pick it up. If you order at your local county tax office, the plates will be mailed to your local address.

Yes, the Horned Lizard, Bluebonnet, Largemouth Bass and White-tailed deer license plates are all available for trailers, travel trailers and motorcycles. The Ducks Unlimited License Plate is available for trailers.

Yes, with $22 of the $30 going to TPWD each year.

It could change, depending on how the plate order and the registration expiration months line up. If the registration date is moved forward, you could be charged some prorated fees. You will never lose registration and specialty plate months you have paid for when a new expiration month and year is assigned. TxDMV typically tries to synchronize the plate and registration expiration dates forward, to be able to combine these fees into one renewal bill next year.

You will surrender your current windshield validation sticker and receive a new windshield validation sticker. You will also pay your regular annual vehicle registration fee and receive a credit for the remaining time on your previous registration payment. Proof of financial responsibility such as a liability insurance card or policy is also required at this time.

Plates may be transferred to another vehicle you own with a corrected vehicle registration obtained from your County Tax office.

Yes, you can. To display a disabled person symbol on your license plate, please attach a signed Form VTR-214 to your specialty plate application to show your eligibility for the International Symbol of Access. Turn in both the specialty plate application and the VTR-214 to your local tax office.

Call the TxDMV customer help desk at (512) 374-5010 or 1 (888) 368-4689 or contact Texas Parks and Wildlife Department by filling out the contact us web form.

For an additional $40 you may order a personalized plate of five spaces or less. TxDMV will review each request to ensure that it does not duplicate another plate already assigned. Personalize your plate with up to 5 characters (for cars, trucks, trailers) or 4 characters for motorcycles. Characters include letters, numbers, and three symbols. For the texas silhouette use an * asterisk symbol when checking vanity name availability, for a use the @ symbol, and for the use the & symbol )

  • Selections may not consist of more than five characters, symbols, or spaces, OR three characters, symbols, or spaces and one silhouette of Texas.
  • Limit of two spaces for punctuation symbols OR one silhouette of Texas.
  • Each square of the selection block may be used to represent one alpha or numeric character, punctuation symbol, or space. The silhouette of Texas requires two selection blocks. Use an asterisk (*) to indicate the Texas silhouette.
  • The only punctuation symbols that can be used are periods and dashes.
  • Selections should be shown exactly as you wish them to appear on the license plate. Selections that contain alterations or erasures will not be considered.
  • A selection that conflicts with the regular license plate numbering system or that has already been issued cannot be approved.
  • The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles will notify you when your personalized plate request has been approved. Personalized plate requests will not be processed until this special plate has met the conditions outlined at the bottom of the application (see other side).
  • You may transfer a personalized plate from your current plate to this new plate if it has five spaces or less.

As required by state law, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) automatically replaces plates at seven years at no extra cost to be sure the plates maintain safety legibility. If you wait until this seven years is up on your existing plates, you will automatically be sent the new Largemouth Bass plate design by TxDMV at no additional cost.

However, you may opt to replace your plates before the seven year mark in order to get the new Largemouth Bass plate design, which becomes available in May 2015. To do this, you will need to complete Form VTR-60 (Application for Replacement License Plate(s) and/or Vehicle Registration Sticker Form) and submit it to your local County Tax Assessor-Collector's office. The fee to replace your current Largemouth Bass license plate will be $6 plus a $1 automation fee. TxDMV is required by law to collect this fee which covers the states extra manufacture and postage costs for the new plate.